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Profiles – the world's first fully interactive Luxury Magazine!

The specificity of certain products does not always provide an opportunity for live acquaintance. And in this case, the advantages of video in promotion can hardly be overestimated.

Statistics from reputable global marketing research companies:

  • the number of clicks when using the video increases by 200-300%;
  • using video wisely, you can increase conversion by 80%;
  • one minute of video is equivalent to 1,800,000 words and 80,000 photos in terms of the effectiveness of impact on the target audience.

Download and install the free Live Portrait app on your smartphone / tablet.

Point the camera at the branded image and enjoy the magic! See how the interview was created. Learn more about the intricacies of new technologies and services, view the product from all sides ...

Call and make an appointment in one click. Look at the page of the company / service you are interested in online or subscribe to it in social networks ... All this and much more is possible, just flipping through the magazine and bringing the pictures to life.

Additional bonuses: you can update the video, get access to video viewing statistics and geodata of potential customers.

Profiles interactivity is a new miraculous tool especially for real estate advertising. The decision of a high-value purchase takes a long time, during which every emotion and every contact with a customer is extremely important. The video will help the client to virtually walk around the facility, feel the comfort ...